Animal Health Copywriting & Content Marketing

I work with animal health companies, veterinarians, and equine businesses.

Here are a few of the pieces I’ve created over the years to help people in the pet and equine industry connect with their audience to sell their products and services.

Psst.. I ghostwrite for the majority of my clients. If I've written a confidential piece for you then rest assured it will not appear in my portfolio.
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Christina Lugo
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Canna-Pet | canine diet guide article

Dry vs. Wet Dog Food – Knowing Your Options: This guide-style blog post was featured on Canna-Pet’s blog. Canna-Pet offers veterinarian recommended and pet insurance approved hemp nutrition for dogs and cats.

Goal: Educate pet owners on the various diets available for dogs and gain awareness for the Canna-Pet brand. Compares dry diets to wet diets to help owners make the nutritional call best suited for their own pups.

WordPress.com Go | DIY content marketing post

Why You Should Consider a Content Audit: This article was featured on WordPress.com’s blog that helps entrepreneurs own their passion and boost their business. WordPress.com is a popular website creation tool, content management system (CMS), and blogging platform.

Goal: Explain the benefits of a content audit for improving user experience (UX), marketing strategy, and search rankings. The article gives tips for people without marketing experience to implement their own content audit.

Equestrian – VPSI | equine health guide

What You Should Know About Horses and Monensin Poisoning: This educational article was published on VPSI’s Equestrian blog. Acts as a resource for recognizing symptoms of Monensin toxicity and tips for preventing horses from coming in contact with cattle feed.

Goal: Teach customers about Monensin, a feed additive that keeps cattle healthy, but is toxic to horses. The article was intended to educate consumers about the responsible use of Elanco’s Rumensin, a product carried by VPSI.

Veterinary and Poultry Supply, Inc. | about us page

About Us: This web page tells the story of VPSI, a family-owned and operated animal health and nutritional distributor with multiple locations across the Midwest.

Goal: Share the history of Veterinary and Poultry Supply, Inc. Most importantly, show what the company does and how it helps farmers, veterinarians, and dealer stores with their animals and livelihoods.

Equestrian – VPSI | equine management guide

Ulcer Management Guide for Performance Horses: This guide-style blog post was featured on VPSI’s Equestrian blog as a comprehensive health guide for performance horse owners.

Goal: Educate riders on the various prevention and treatment methods for equine ulcers. Featured several products available through VPSI.

Veterinary and Poultry Supply, Inc. | new product landing page

The New Gold Standard is Orange: This landing page was published on VPSI’s website. It shows the benefits and story behind the company’s first private label product.

Goal: Introduce the new calf milk replacer to organic search and Facebook ad driven traffic. Promoted in conjunction with a print campaign that directed to the website.

Just Plain Values | magazine advertorial

Orange Milk “The New Gold Standard”: This advertorial-style story was the featured business spotlight in a niche magazine with a  circulation of 20,000+ in the Amish community. The article was shown in the Michiana and Ohio editions of the magazine.

Goal: Introduce a new product, Orange Milk calf milk replacer, to a traditionally difficult to reach audience. The article resulted in exposure, multiple inquiries, and new customers for the company.

Equestrian – VPSI | equine therapy feature

LoveWay Horse and Rider Team – Gus and Suzanne: This story was published in the Equestrian blog for VPSI. It introduced a featured horse and rider pair at LoveWay, Inc., a PATH-certified equine assisted therapy non-profit in Middlebury, Indiana.

Goal: Give a behind-the-scenes look at the life and personality of a LoveWay therapy horse. Part of a series developed to provide exposure for the non-profit and showcase VPSI’s community involvement.