Caitlyn Andrews

[ copywriter + content marketing strategist ] 

Hi. I’m Caitlyn.


I help small businesses and companies pet and equine industry connect with their audience to sell their products and services.


I create custom copy and marketing content that captures your brand voice. Whether you need someone to take the reins completely or just offer a bit of guidance – I can help.


I’m based out of Elkhart, IN, but I help companies across the country with their marketing.




My background [ and why it matters to you ]

Many people become pet writers because they love animals. That’s a valid reason. I love them, too. It’s at the core of what we do.
But when you’re writing for veterinary clinics, animal health professionals, and pet product manufacturers, you need more than the ability to change your own cat’s litter box (or rabbit’s – in my case). 
You need a combination of industry, personal, and marketing experience to understand your client’s marketing challenges, translate industry jargon, and create copy that clicks with the right community.

Industry experience

In my marketing role at Veterinary and Poultry Supply, Inc., I’ve worked with the marketing and purchasing departments of the biggest names in the animal health industry like Durvet, Zoetis, Elanco, and AgriLabs. I’ve organized trade shows, managed promotional campaigns and product launches, worked on a company rebrand, created and maintained the website, written endless sales copy and internal communications,  assisted in the pharmacy, and purchased and researched equine and small animal products for a multi-million dollar animal health and nutrition distributor.

As a copywriter, I’ve worked with many animal health companies and veterinarians to sell their products and services. I’ve created content marketing pieces, sales copy, and product descriptions that sell. I value the relationship with each client I work with and take a deep dive into their brand to create copy that works for them. The goal with each piece I create is to click with the right audience for the client. I care about the success of each business that I work with and the animals they help.

How does my industry experience help your business?

I know your industry, because I have first hand experience. I understand the language and promotional tactics that speak to all of the different people within the animal health supply chain such as purchasing agents, veterinarians, manufacturers, sales representatives, and business owners. I can write effective B2B and B2C copy for the equine and pet industry. Not just copy for the pet owners. 

Personal experience

There hasn’t been a time in my life without animals. I’ve trained and shown horses and dogs, given horseback riding lessons, and been involved with 4-H since I was old enough to make a shadow box with clay turtles and paint. I can’t compete in Saddle Club anymore, but that doesn’t stop me from going back and helping a friend show the horse I trained.

I’ve owned or cared for more animals than I can count. This includes horses, ponies, dogs, cats, goats, rabbits, snakes, lizards, frogs, turtles, ferrets, rats, parrots, fish, chicken, ducks… the list goes on. Currently, I have two dogs, a bearded dragon, and mini-lop rabbit. I’ve always been the go-to person when someone has a pet related question, like what supplement their dog needs or if they should call the vet for their horse.

How does my personal experience help your business?

I know your audience, because I am your audience. I understand what content resonates and the information that your clients are seeking out. I draw from my personal experience to write copy that works for your customers.

Marketing experience

I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do when I got my Bachelor Degrees in Marketing and Advertising at Indiana University, but I knew it had to involve horses. I’m fortunate to be able to combine my love of animals with my love of marketing. I was able to hone my marketing skills by working for a variety of local businesses as the sole marketer or as part of their marketing team. All of my business experience over the years helps me with my work today. Even my stint in child support collections helps me – it taught me how to dig deeper when researching.

I live and breathe marketing and stay up to date with marketing trends and copywriting strategies. The world of marketing is always progressing. That’s why I continue to educate myself and stay on top of marketing news and tools to see what’s working and what’s not in the field.

How does my marketing experience help your business?

I know marketing, because I never stop learning. My education didn’t end when I got my degrees. I’m an avid reader of copywriting books in particular. I keep up with trends in marketing and the animal health industry. I’m involved with various copywriting and content marketing communities. I constantly push myself to grow and become better at my craft. My goal is always to deliver the best copy possible for each individual client.
My combined background of pet and equine industry, personal, and marketing experience is what led me to being a copywriter for animal health brands.
And it’s the reason I can help your business today.


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