I help local businesses and animal health brands sell their products and services with custom web copy and content marketing pieces. I offer packages and à la carte services made to fit your marketing goals.

Whether you need someone to write your entire website or a single piece of content for your brand – I can help.

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Website Copywriting Services

“Local searches lead 50% of mobile users to visit stores within one day.” Source: Hubspot

Now more than ever, your current and future customers are searching online for your products and services.

You have seconds to capture their attention. Generic, boring copy that sounds like everyone else won’t cut it.

You need copy that engages, persuades, and answers the question, “Why should I care?

Pet parents and horse owners want to work with and buy from businesses they trust. That’s why I personally work with the brands I help to get to the heart of what they do and understand their services, their products, and their drive.

Because you do care about the animals. And your customers need to see that in your website.

Web Pages

Web copy that sells your brand. Make a great first impression with custom web copy that speaks to your audience and highlights your unique selling proposition (USP). Don't know what your USP is? That's okay. We'll uncover that together.

Landing Pages

Targeted copy that converts leads. Deliver a focused message to a specific audience with a clear call to action (CTA). Landing pages are excellent tools to cut through the noise of the internet and convert leads.

Product Descriptions

Enticing copy that convinces buyers. Convey the benefits of your product in a way that gets your customers reaching for their credit cards. Compelling product descriptions tell buyers how the product helps them and the problems it solves to generate a sale.

Existing Copy Audits

Let's take your existing copy and make it better. I evaluate your existing website and reveal areas where you can improve. And I'll tell you how you can do it with an easy-to-follow, action checklist.

Content Marketing Services

“Content marketing gets 3x more leads than paid search advertising.” Source: Hubspot

Why? Because people buy from brands they like and trust. Content marketing is the foundation of that trust.

There are a variety of content marketing tools available to help you grow your brand and connect with your audience.

Whether you need one specific piece or you’re working on bulking out your content marketing strategy with multiple content assets, I can help you create effective and engaging content for your brand.

Print Marketing Materials & Ads

Powerful content that promotes your business. Use the right marketing materials to effectively reach your target audience and increase sales. Prompt leads and buyer action with persuasive brochures, product detail sheets, catalogs, flyers, direct mail postcards, print media advertising, and more.

Blog Posts & Articles

Trusted content that establishes credibility. Establish authority and trust with well-researched blog posts and articles. Regular, quality posts boost search rankings and make your site visible to your potential customers.

Email Campaigns & Customer Newsletters

Engaging content that nurtures leads. Connect with your customers and prospects with enticing emails. Versatile email marketing allows you to improve brand awareness, share promotions and coupons, provide value, promote content, and turn leads into loyal customers.

White Papers, Case Studies, & eBooks

In-depth content that targets clients. Publish thorough resources to connect with your audience and move them to the next stage of the buying process. Data-driven white papers, genuine case studies, and informative eBooks are impactful marketing tools for gaining new clients.

Staff Newsletters

Informative content that connects teams. Create a cohesive workspace with staff newsletters that bring your team together and keep employees up-to-date with your company. Share company news, employee features, new policies, promotions, educational content, and more.

Content Strategy Consultations

Let's make a plan for your content marketing. Prefer the DIY approach? We'll jump on a call to hash out what your brand is about and determine a strategy that aligns with your marketing goals. After the session, you'll be sent a custom editorial calendar that you can implement yourself.